We offer multi-products solutions to invest in innovative technologies that are solidifying the digital transformation.

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Alberto Gordo

We strive to exceed expectations in terms of performance through thorough analysis, a solid strategy, and diligent execution. We aim to deliver consistent and attractive results over time.

We drive sustainable growth, both for our fund investments and the companies we invest in. We encourage innovation and expansion, creating opportunities for continuous development and long-term value generation.

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We stand out as leaders in the financial technology space. We take on the responsibility of guiding the way in the adoption and evolution of emerging technologies, setting standards of excellence and leading with vision and determination.


We only use the best in institutional grade digital custody, so our investors can be at ease knowing their investments are safe.


We are registered in Luxembourg, a highly reputable jurisdiction for financial institutions, which offers the best protection to investors.

Deal flow

We co-invest with established partners to secure the best deals in the industry.

Risk Management

Our main focus is minimizing Operational Risk. We diversify to extract the most upside when our indicators identify a risk-on market, and consolidate in least volatile assets during risk-averse markets.


We are partnered with the best participants in the industry to ensure maximum collaboration and growth.

Track Record

We have consistently outperformed the major benchmarks to offer our investors an improved return on the market.


Millennials at the Helm of
the Blockchain Revolution,
Shaping a New Era from
2018 to 2038

Millennials at the Helm of the Blockchain Revolution, Shaping a New Era from 2018 to 2038

Step into the era where millennials take charge, steering the course of the Millennial cycle from 2018 to 2038. At the helm of this transformative journey is blockchain technology, Web3 and AI, shaping a new narrative in the financial landscape. Embrace the opportunity as 71% of U.S. millennials express a strong inclination to invest in digital assets when provided by traditional financial institutions. The ongoing regulatory evolution further paves the way for a digital investment landscape that’s primed for success.

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